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It's #OvershootDay. Technological innovations are essential in building a sustainable future. We must make informed… t.co/HU3iUhjSUr

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Mindtrek Conference

#MTChallenge Info & Coaching Session 2 will take place on Aug 1st, and Competition Deadline for Submissions is Aug… t.co/Zh62AFBRqX

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Kemianteollisuus ry

Kesätöissä @KiiltoOy'lla oleva Oskari Mäkelä sai kesätöitä Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun opintojakson kautta. t.co/NLlN4IYeve

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Tampere3 SCIL

Summer 2017 @Tampere_3 SCIL projects kicking off tomorrow, together with 28 students from @TAMK_UAS, @UniTampere & @TampereUniTech.

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“The higher education institutions in Tampere have had a central role as drivers for growth and development in this region. The prospective Tampere3 university will serve as a similar dynamo for success in the years to come, and this is why the city must also contribute to the creation of the new university as a major strategic partner”

Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor of Tampere

What is Experimental Tampere?

The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (Arene), together with the Finnish Government, is arranging a national tour to present and promote the richness of experimental culture in the Finnish universities of applied sciences. Here is more information about Experimental Finland.

Experimental Tampere Event, on Friday the 13th of January, has been planned as a forum, a place that will gather key development actors for Tampere Region and Tampere University sector: city representatives, business leaders, organizations, citizens and of course students and staff from the three universities of Tampere to network, think, work and plan together Smart Education in Tampere, Smart City. The event is invitation-only, and is located at TAMK main campus

A Learning Café will enable the participants to brainstorm on diverse problematics important to both the development of Tampere Region and its higher education sector.This will operate as the dynamo for new innovations, creation of knowledge and competences, which are of great relevance to the Smart City and Smart Education of tomorrow.

Inspiring talks, networking, learning and working together, to kick off an innovative and productive year 2017! If you are interested in joining the event, please contact us.


markku lahtinrn

Markku Lahtinen


Welcoming words

teppo rantanen

Teppo Rantanen

Tampere City

Smart City Program

peer haataja

Peer Haataja

Tampere Chamber of Commerce

Smart Industry

pirkko eteläaho

Pirkko Eteläaho


Smart Energy

kari kankaala

Matti Eskola


Smart Health

jaakko aho

Jaakko Aho

AC2SG Software

Smart Mobility

antti leskinen

Antti Leskinen

Tampere City

Smart Citizen

anssi laukkarinen

Anssi Laukkarinen


Smart Building

päivi myllykangas

Päivi Myllykangas


Smart Education

ilkka haukijärvi

Ilkka Haukijärvi

Floworks, TAMK

New tools for “Smart University” development

Learning Café

Smart Education

  • Mikael Lindell, TAMK Facilitator
  • Ilkka Haukijärvi, TAMK
  • Petri Tuomela, Me2we
  • Timo Väliharju, COSS
  • Heli Harrikari, TUT
  • Shakera Jahan, TUT
  • Ulla Leppänen, Tampereen seudun osuustoimintakeskus
  • Mauri Grönroos, Transatlanta
  • Arja Aalto-Laaksonen, UTA normaalikoulu lukio
  • Verna Rantala, Tamko
  • Jarmo Rintamäki, City of Tampere
  • Päivi Myllykangas, Tampere3

Smart Health

  • Miina Makkonen, UTA Facilitator
  • Milla Jauhiainen, TUT
  • Jari Hyttinen, TUT, BioMediTech
  • Saila Piippo, Dextra Koskiklinikka
  • Antti Leskinen, City of Tampere
  • Marja Kaunonen, UTA
  • Taru Lehtimäki, TAMK
  • Matti Eskola, Finnmedi
  • Ilona Uusitalo, Tamko
  • Hanna-Leena Kärkkäinen, Hengitysliitto ry
  • Jyrki Liljeroos, Santen

Smart Industry

  • Leena Köppä, TUT Facilitator
  • Juha Raipala, TUT
  • Jarkko Kiilakoski, TUT
  • Aleksi Arpiainen, TT Gaskets
  • Jenna Mäkelä, TAMK
  • Peer Haataja, Tampereen kauppakamari
  • Santeri Tuovila, UTA
  • Kari Neilimo, UTA
  • Gloria Zuniga, DECOARK Oy, ECOMATION Oy
  • Pirjo Jaakkola, TAMK
  • Jussi Leinonen, Pirkanmaan yrittäjät, Tampereen DDC-Tekniikka Oy
  • Joona Heikkinen, M-Files Oy
  • Timo Antikainen, City of Tampere

Smart Citizen

  • Toni Leander, TAMK Facilitator
  • Outi Ferreira, TAMK
  • Vilma-Lotta Lehtinen, UTA
  • Abir Hasan Khan, UTA
  • Aline Kaihari, French-Finnish society of Tampere
  • Petri Takala, Gofore
  • Kari Kankaala, City of Tampere
  • Jazib Javed, TUT
  • Natalia Rincon, CHAOS Architects
  • Veikko Törrönen, TAMK

Smart Mobility

  • Sami Lehto, TAMK Facilitator
  • Elli Kotakorpi, City of Tampere
  • Jane Nurmala, TAMK
  • Muhammad Amir, TUT
  • Kirsi Reiman, TUT
  • Pekka Möttö, Tuup
  • Fanny Niemi-Junkola, TAMK
  • Riitta-Liisa Arpiainen, TAMK
  • Salla Pätilä, UTA
  • Jaakko Aho, AC2SG Software

Smart Energy

  • Jussi Hannunen, TAMK Facilitator
  • Catherine Fait, TAMK
  • Hannu Kivilinna, TAMK
  • Ville Solja, Kiilto
  • Pekka Laaksonen, Sigmacon
  • Antti Pitkänen, UTA, Y-kampus
  • Veera Reko, UTA
  • Pirkko Eteläaho, Tredea
  • Aditya Premi, TUT
  • Jorge Garcia-Fernandez, TUT

Smart Building

  • Timo Nevalainen, TAMK Facilitator
  • Jouko Lähteenmäki, TAMK
  • Trang Doan, TAMK
  • Petri Moksén, Cramo Adapteo
  • Ramkrishna Agrawal, TUT
  • Anssi Laukkarinen, TUT
  • Jarkko Haukijärvi, H&H Puhtaudenhallinta
  • Virpi Ekholm, City of Tampere
  • Pasi Raukko, Teräselementti.fi

Talent Valley BioHub

TAMK Bioproduct and Process Engineering program is launching a new kind of learning environment in January 2017 – the Talent Valley BioHub. This video provides a short introduction to this way of learning that has already been successfully in use in TAMK’s Business programs for years. Now engineer students could also benefit from it and acquire new competencies in entrepreneurship.

Ten virtual companies, within each of them six first year students (three that started in September in TAMK and three freshly arrived at the beginning of January) will be forming the Talent Valley BioHub during the spring semester. The students will have real life mentors as examples and sparring partners.

The student teams will be running their companies and lead innovative operations as in real life. Each team will make their own business plan, develop their products, work with raw materials, develop their production processes, deal with real clients, markets, competitors, suppliers, etc. utilizing their sponsor company’s real business.

This new learning experience for Engineering programs – favoring a collaborative work with Pirkanmaa region´s companies – embraces the values that Experimental Finland project carries on.  Experimental Tampere Event is proud to support new innovative learning environment and wishes all the best to the freshly arrived Bioproduct and Process Engineering students and their coaches and we will be happy to hear more about their plans for the spring on January the 13th and hopefully also in the national event ending this experimental tour of initiatives in all Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland in May 2017.


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